Mr. Nobody

Hidayat Abisena
5 min readOct 3, 2023
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This is a story about Mr. Nobody

He was born with a rare condition that made his bones extremely rigid and heavy. He could barely move his limbs, let alone walk or run. He spent most of his life in a wheelchair, watching the world go by.

But he was not unhappy. He had one thing that made his life worth living: his love for a woman named Monica. They met online and fell in love instantly. She didn’t care about his condition, she only saw his kind heart and brilliant mind. They talked for hours every day, sharing their dreams and hopes. They planned to meet in person someday, when Mr. Nobody could afford a special train ticket that would accommodate his conditions.

But fate had other plans. One day, Mr. Nobody received a tragic news: Monica had died in a car accident. He was devastated. He felt like he had lost his soulmate, his reason to live. He stopped talking to anyone, stopped eating, stopped caring. He just wanted to join her in the afterlife.

But death didn’t come for him. He was too stubborn to die, too immovable to give up. He lingered on, in a state of misery and despair. He thought he would never love again.

Until one day, he received an email from a woman named Anna. She claimed to be Monica’s sister, and she wanted to talk to him. She said she had found his email address in Monica’s phone, and she wanted to know more about their relationship. She said she was curious about the man who had captured her sister’s heart.

Mr. Nobody was skeptical at first, but he decided to reply. He told her everything about his condition, his love for Monica, and his grief. He expected her to stop writing back, but she didn’t. She continued to email him every day, asking him questions, telling him stories, making him laugh. She was funny, smart, and compassionate. She reminded him of Monica, but she was also different in many ways.

Mr. Nobody felt something stir in his chest: a spark of hope, a flicker of interest, a hint of attraction. He wondered if he could love again, if he could move on from Monica’s death, if he could find happiness with Anna.

He decided to take a chance and ask her out. He asked her if she would like to meet him in person, if she would like to see him face to face.

She said yes.

And so they did. They arranged a date at the train stations. They spent the afternoon talking, laughing, and getting to know each other better. They found out that they had many things in common: they both loved books, music, and movies; they both had a sense of humor and a sense of adventure; they both had dreams of traveling the world someday.

They also learned about their differences: Anna was outgoing and energetic; Mr. Nobody was quiet and calm; Anna was optimistic and hopeful; Mr. Nobody was realistic and cautious; Anna was spontaneous and impulsive; Mr. Nobody was careful and thoughtful.

But they didn’t mind their differences; they embraced them as part of their uniqueness and charm. They complemented each other perfectly; they balanced each other out.

They felt a connection that was deeper than words; they felt a chemistry that was stronger than logic; they felt a love that was bigger than life.

They realized that they were meant for each other; they realized that they had found their soulmates; they realized that they had found their happiness.

They smiled at each other with gratitude and joy; they held each other’s hands with tenderness and affection.

They said yes to each other; they said yes to love; they said yes to life.

Undeniable truth

And so life went on. Every day, Mr. Nobody would wait for Anna’s emails and they would communicate, building their dreams and hopes together. Anna was like a beacon of light shining through the darkness that had once consumed his life. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, their bond grew stronger.

However, little did Mr. Nobody know, an undeniable truth lay beneath the surface of his blissful love story. One day, while going through his routine medical examination, Mr. Nobody’s psychiatrist broke the shocking news.

“She doesn’t exist, Mr. Nobody. Anna isn’t real,” he said solemnly, looking at Mr. Nobody with sympathetic eyes.

Mr. Nobody was taken aback. “That’s impossible. She emails me every day. We have plans…we communicate…”

“I know this is a lot to take in,” the psychiatrist said gently. “But from the records and investigations we’ve done, there’s no woman named Anna in Monica’s family. I’m afraid this is a manifestation of your mind trying to cope with Monica’s death.”

Silence filled the room. Confusion, disbelief, and the thrilling sensation of a shattered heart consumed him all at once. He had fallen in love with an illusion, a figment of his own imagination.

Mr. Nobody felt himself laughed bitterly. His condition didn’t just lock him inside his heavy bone cage, but now his mind was playing cruel tricks on him too, creating a delicate bubble of happiness, and popping it just as easily.

So his tale turned out to be a tragic love story where he was the only character. Deceived by his own mind, trying to fill in the void left by Monica.

The shocking twist left him devastated. But through the confounding revelation, the spark of a smile managed to etch itself onto his face. His capacity to imagine someone as lively and caring as Anna was a testament to his strong spirit.

That day, Mr. Nobody discovered new aspects about himself, his strength, and the power of his mind. A sense of enlightenment washed over him. He decided to use this strength not to conjure imaginary companions, but to fight his condition mentally, and stand against the lonely tides of life. It was a renewed challenge, a new journey, and Mr. Nobody was ready.”

He was Mr. Nobody and always will be, and this is his story.

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We’ll find the start of something new