Falling Behind

Hidayat Abisena
1 min readNov 29, 2023

Sometimes it feels like we’re falling behind in life, like we’re missing out on something or not living up to our potential. But the show must go on, right?

Life must go on, no matter what. And definitely there’s something we can do to make things better, even if it’s just a small step or a simple change.

Maybe we can start by laughing at ourselves a little more, and not taking everything so seriously.

Maybe we can find some joy in the little things, like a good cup of coffee or a cute cat video.

Maybe we can reach out to someone who cares about us, and share our feelings and struggles.

Or maybe we can just take a deep breath and remind ourselves that we’re doing the best we can, and that’s enough.

Whatever we do, let’s not give up on ourselves or our dreams. We’re not falling behind, we’re just finding our own pace. And the show will go on, with us as the stars.